Community Meals Schedule

Our Community Meals provide a free, nutritious meal in a welcoming setting. Meals are located in Greater Portland and are open to all who wish to attend unless otherwise noted.

This list will be updated as meal sites re-open. 

Avesta Housing / 409 Cumberland Avenue, Portland / Served at 12 PM
Washington Gardens Community Center / 66 Pembroke Street, Portland / Served at 5:30 PM
Motherhouse at Baxter Woods / **Starting February 7th - for residents only** / Served at 9 AM
Avesta Housing - West End Apartments / 586 Westbrook Street, South Portland / Served at 5:30 PM
Westbrook Community Church / 426 Bridge Street, Westbrook /  Served at 5 PM
10 Congress Square Apartments 28 Forest Ave, Portland / 1:30 PM
*Take-away meal* 
Deering Center Community Church / 4 Brentwood Street, Portland / Served at 5:30 PM