Wayside Food Programs Forklift

Above: A delivery of rescued food is unloaded from Wayside's delivery truck at the Wayside warehouse.

Food rescued by Wayside fills shelves of local pantries

The Food Rescue Program was started in 1999 when it was realized that more food was being donated to Wayside’s meals program than was needed.  Rather than disposing of the excess food, it was determined that this food could be put to better use by other food pantries, shelters, and soup kitchens throughout Greater Portland.

Rescued food is distributed to agencies throughout Cumberland County. These include food pantries, soup kitchens, and other social service agencies. Frozen and dry products are made available at the warehouse in Portland, while refrigerated perishable items are distributed to agencies off of the back of the truck.

Don Morrison, Food Rescue Program Manager, and his team rescue both perishable and non-perishable food from donors that include: Amato’s; B&M Beans; Barber Foods; Big Sky Bread; Con Agra;  Cumberland County Cooperative Extension; Currans; Hannaford; Hood; Izzy’s Cheesecake; Lucas Foods; Maine Medical Center; Mercy Hospital; MOO Milk; Mr. Bagel; Oakhurst; Olive Garden; Pepsi; Poland Spring; Prime Trucking; Schlotterbeck & Foss; Star Marketing Group; Starbucks; Sysco; Terra Cotta; Walgreens; Whole Foods Market.

Additional food is also supplied by dozens of other vendors and donors. This food is either picked up from donors in the Wayside refrigerated box truck or delivered directly to the warehouse in Portland where it is sorted and prepared for distribution.