Dear Friends,

Thank you for choosing to join us as we begin a new year and renew our commitment to fighting hunger, reducing food waste, and strengthening our community with your generous contribution.

We never take for granted that you choose to invest in our community through Wayside. We are honored and humbled by the responsibility you entrust to us. Your support will do more than prevent hunger. You are part of bringing families, friends, and neighbors together. You are welcoming New Mainers with familiar foods. You are helping preserve and share food traditions. You are providing opportunities for community members to be of service and contribute skills. You are helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions  by keeping food waste out of our landfills. 
While we still don't know what bringing us back together will look like, we are confident food will play an essential role. We are here, ready to be part of whatever comes next with your support. Thank you for joining our work and the work of our partners, ensuring all our community members have enough nourishing food for themselves and to share.

Mary Zwolinski
Executive Director



How to donate

Donating to Wayside is as easy as using our secure donation form. Donations may also be mailed to Wayside Food Programs at PO Box 1278, Portland, Maine, 04104.

In addition to cash donations, there are a number of innovative ways to contribute, including: Estate planning, which can contribute to Wayside's mission. Employee match programs, where employers match a portion of employee contributions. To learn more about innovative ways of contributing to Wayside, please contact us.