We are in awe...

Dear Friends,
We have turned a page, and it is time to recommit to ourselves and our community. This time of year is so unique. It is a time to celebrate many familiar traditions or experiment with a new recipe in the company of family and friends. Something special happens when we can take a break from schoolwork and zoom calls to cook together. I always find inspiration this time of year by digging through family recipes to find and commit an entire day to cook something my grandmother could do so quickly. I look forward to sharing that food with my extended family and friends the way my grandmother did throughout her life.

At Wayside, this time of year is filled with delicious food from our kitchen, requests from community members, food drives, and fund drives -we are excited for it all. We have never taken for granted that people show up when needed to help their neighbors during rough times, and we are always humbled. I see my grandmother's example in my work everyday; witnessing my co-workers and all of you, showing up each day to do impressive and generous things beyond belief, embracing the vital role food plays in nourishing so much more than just our bodies. 

What does recommitting mean to you? Maybe it means taking some "me-time" to enjoy the holiday lights and peruse farmers' markets, allowing us to reconnect with our sense of self, which gives us the energy to give to others. And it continues. Maybe it means seeking new relationships, or rekindling old ones.  As our Community Meals begin to relaunch, we are enjoying working with longtime partners and also actively seeking new ones who embrace our vision that sharing food strengthens communities. Whatever this process means to you, we invite you to join us as we recommit ourselves and our work to make this a wonderful year with space at our table for everyone. 

Mary Zwolinski
Executive Director



How to donate

Donating to Wayside is as easy as using our secure donation form. Donations may also be mailed to Wayside Food Programs at PO Box 1278, Portland, Maine, 04104.

In addition to cash donations, there are a number of innovative ways to contribute, including: Estate planning, which can contribute to Wayside's mission. Employee match programs, where employers match a portion of employee contributions. To learn more about innovative ways of contributing to Wayside, please contact us.