Pictured: Executive Director Mary Zwolinski's parent's wedding breakfast; Milwaukee early 1950's.

Dear Friends,

We are at the end of another somewhat confusing year, and I can’t escape the feeling that things seem unresolved. When faced with uncertainty like that I often refer to those things that ground me and allow me to feel connected. For me, food is my go-to. 

Maybe more so than any other expression of identity and culture, food is universal and unique. The traditions associated with planning, preparing, cooking, and sharing foods are key ways for us to connect to others and pass on important knowledge through the generations. 

At Wayside, we have been exploring the role of traditional foods in people’s lives. These past few years have allowed us to connect more closely with people from diverse communities and share their food traditions by collecting recipes, sourcing ingredients, and sharing foods that can be used to make meals reminiscent of home and family—close or far. We look for local solutions by processing Maine-grown greens that can be used in stews and soups and by sharing farm fresh produce whenever possible. We ask questions about taste, spices, and core ingredients used by many different communities of home cooks and chefs. 

Whether you were born and raised in Maine, or Maine has only been your home for a few months, we welcome your participation; sharing your food traditions with neighbors and supporting the work of organizations, like Wayside, that work to bridge gaps in food access and strengthen community, together. 

Thank you for your support,  

Mary Zwolinski
Executive Director




How to donate

Donating to Wayside is as easy as using our secure donation form. Donations may also be mailed to Wayside Food Programs at PO Box 1278, Portland, Maine, 04104.

In addition to cash donations, there are a number of innovative ways to contribute, including: Estate planning, which can contribute to Wayside's mission. Employee match programs, where employers match a portion of employee contributions. To learn more about innovative ways of contributing to Wayside, please contact us.