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How to donate food

**We are in great need of food donations! We are accepting food donations at our Warehouse loading dock at 135 Walton Street Mon-Fri 7am-12pm. If you have questions, please contact Don Morrison at (207) 712-4929.**

There are a number of ways to donate food, including:

Participating in our Food Rescue Program. If your business has surplus food, discover how Wayside can help rescue food that would otherwise go to waste.

Holding a food drive. Sponsor your own food drive or represent Wayside at a local food drive.

Becoming part of the Maine Harvest for Hunger. Plant a part of your home garden for hunger relief or simply donate excess garden produce.

• Becoming part of the Maine Hunters for the Hungry. Donate your game (bear, deer and moose). 

To learn more about donating food, email Don Morrison or call (207) 712-4929.