Photo by Anthony Zeli for the West End News.

The West End News recently wrote a feature on Wayside Food Programs, highlighting our work to reduce both food insecurity and food waste. Our Food Rescue Program keeps nutritious, edible food out of the waste stream and redirects it to households facing food insecurity.

"More than 16 percent of Maine, or about 208,000 people are food insecure, according to Good Shepherd. But across the nation 133 billion pounds of food is wasted every year. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture that averages to 1249 calories per person per day just thrown into the trash. It accumulates to 20 percent of landfill waste and releases methane, a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Diverting 15% of the food that currently goes to waste would be enough to cut the number of food insecure Americans in half."

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