As the date for our annual celebration, Inside Wayside, passes us by yet again, we wanted to mark the occasion in a safe way that embodies the spirit of the event. We hope this Virtual Tour makes you feel welcome, connected, and proud of our collective community impact.Creating welcoming spaces is something we are dedicated to at Wayside. We practice that many different ways: sharing a Community Meal at one of our partner host sites; gathering here at our own space to cook, eat, volunteer and work together; making sure our Mobile Food Pantry guests are warmly welcomed and listened to. Whatever we do and wherever we do it, we hope our practice of inclusive hospitality is felt by all.Our work is also rooted in connecting people to each other. Food is such a powerful tool to connect families, neighbors and community members. This pandemic was, and still is, a trial in maintaining connections and we understand that it can, and has been, so hard at a time when connecting is needed the most. We hope this video not only gives you a sense of spectrum and depth of our collective community impact, but also lets you know that you are always welcome at Wayside. Please enjoy this Virtual Tour!Video & Music by Wilkes Media - Artwork by Menninghaus Design