Thursday, March 15th was a new beginning with some of Wayside's oldest partners. The new community meal site in the Fellowship Hall at Williston-Immanual United Church is actually one of the organization's original gathering spaces back in 1986, before the Community Meals Program developed into what it is today. Volunteers from the recently ended HopeGateWay meal across High Street joined longtime Williston-Immanual volunteer group to help host the meal. Guests and volunteers visited with each other and enjoyed a meal celebrating upcoming St. Patrick's Day; shepard's pie and boiled cabbage.  Tuesday, March 20th was the first community lunch gathering at Avesta Housing's 409 Cumberland Avenue. Old and new guests gathered in the lobby and lounge to visit and enjoy coffee before the meal. Sandwiches, hot soup, garden salad, fruit salad and cookies were served in a dining room that was set up on the sunny, ground floor of the building. Volunteers from HopeGateWay, the previous Tuesday lunch host site just up the block joined together in the new space to help make this meal happen.  Please join Wayside and their hosts at any weekly community meal in Portland and Westbrook. All are welcome. The community meals schedule can be found here.