Every Monday over 50 community members gather at Woodfords Congregational Church to enjoy lunch together. Volunteers from the congregation, many of whom are seniors, are joined by a group of women residents from a nearby recovery home. who help with everything from carrying soup to the table for a guest, serving salad, pouring milk, or helping put the tables and chairs away after everyone is finished. Says Steve Gray, a longtime Woodfords Church volunteer, “The women from the Grace House have been a great boost to the Woodfords crew. They add youthful energy and enthusiasm to our volunteer ranks and they relate well to our guests. This partnership is one of the best things ever to happen to our volunteer effort.” Grace House believes in community and embracing opportunities to get involved. Volunteering is used as a repetitive esteemable task, which practiced daily contributes to healthy habits and long-term recovery.  “Doing service work here at Woodfords has increased my knowledge on what it truly means to be of service for others.  Helping out at the lunch on Mondays allows me to think less of self and more of others,” states Izzy Dail, a guest at the Grace House and Wayside volunteer. Since 2016, 225 guests of Grace House have contributed more than 3,000 hours of service to our community by supporting Wayside’s Community Meals at Woodfords Congregational Church and a weekly dinner at Deering Center Community Church. Wayside and our Community Meal host sites are honored to be a part of these women’s journeys and to offer opportunities to cultivate and share their gifts.Grace House volunteers at the Woodfords Church weekly community lunch. We would love to see you at one of our Community Meals! Click here for our weekly schedule.