Last week we received the final draft of our 2019 Impact Report. It is such a beautiful piece, and all of us at Wayside worked so hard to prepare it and to capture the most reliable numbers, pictures, stories and quotations so that we could celebrate with you everything that we've accomplished together. When we read the letter from our Executive Director Mary Zwolinski and Board President John Leeming, highlighting and celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our Community Meals Program, our heart broke.Even though it has only been a few months since we put this together, so much has changed. Our Community Meals has been suspended due to the global pandemic, with the health and safety of all our community members in mind. Now we find ourselves operating an entirely different model -building and distributing emergency food boxes to share with those most affected. We've heard from so many of you, and your kind fowrds remind us that we are still a community -still connected, just in different ways right now. We wanted to share our 2019 Impact Report with you in hopes that it also gives you some hope, joy, and encouragement as it did us. Read our newly released 2019 Impact Report here.