Raymond has been with Wayside since the early days, serving in a number of roles over the years. We talked with him about his experience at Wayside.What is your background?“I am a retired construction engineer. I lived in Aroostook County before moving to southern Maine.”What have you done to help Wayside?“I was involved in the early days, when Wayside served evening meals, which was started by local churches. I did a bit of everything – except the cooking. When we expanded our services at the Preble Street location, I became coordinator, assigning tasks to volunteers. I helped coordinate setting up, cleaning and waiters.”What is your present role?“I am Board Treasurer, serving on the executive committee. It is really bookkeeping, which has grown in complexity as Wayside has grown over the years.”Why did you get involved?“I knew that there was a real need – that someone needed to help. That’s why we started, and that’s why we continue.”How has Wayside changed over the years“With the new Community Meals model we are serving more children, seniors and women than we did during our Soup Kitchen work. I have been greatly impressed by the Community Meals that I have visited. They really are welcoming places. They are about community.”What have you taken away from your experience at Wayside?“It’s knowing that we are helping people. It is hearing someone expressing thanks for the work we are doing.”