Above: LearningWorks students in the Wayside kitchen with Carly Milkowski (right).

Wayside’s work is made possible by many volunteers – from many walks of life. We are happy to look at the contributions of LearningWorks youth. We recently spoke with Tim Delahanty, manager of LearningWorks' Alternative Pathways for Youth, about his experience working with LearningWorks students and Wayside.

How did you get involved with LearningWorks?

I have been with LearningWorks for almost four years. While shadowing classroom teachers at Long Creek Youth Development Center, I became interested in working with at-risk youth. I came across a job opening at LearningWorks, and here I am now.

What program are you working with?

I work with a program called Service Works. It provides positive community service opportunities in Cumberland and York counties for youth who need to make amends for non-violent juvenile offenses.

What work is your group doing with Wayside?

Service Works usually visits Wayside once a week, with anywhere from one to five youth participants. We do a variety of tasks: warehouse chores, sorting donations, helping in the garden, working in the kitchen, all kinds of stuff.

What has been the response from the students?

Wayside is a continuous favorite among Service Works participants. Wayside’s staff is always fully and positively engaged with our participants. The kids also enjoy checking out all the different food that comes in from donations. We’ve found some very interesting items over the years.

What have they learned from the experience?

They have learned about food rescue and food security and what that means in regards to food waste and people going hungry in Cumberland County and beyond. Most importantly, they learn how much of an amazing resource Wayside is to the community.

What have you learned about Wayside and its work?

The concept of food rescue was new to me. The amount of food waste Wayside helps reduce across Cumberland County each week blows my mind. So does the amount of people Wayside feeds in the community on a weekly basis.

Who have you worked most closely with at Wayside?

Carly Milkowski is our Wayside go-to. She’s gotten to know a lot of our participants quite well over the years. Don Morrison has also worked very close with our group, sharing his knowledge of the culinary world. And I can’t not shout out to the dapper Nick DeSouza who has years of experience working with the youth from LearningWorks.

What would you like people to know about the kids in your group?

They are eager to learn and give back to the community!

What would you like people to know about LearningWorks?

It’s an amazing and diverse organization, comprised of hard working folks meeting new challenges every day.