Join the City of Portland, Maine to celebrate Welcoming Week September 14-18 with "We Are Portland: Recipes for Welcoming". Sign up to register for your meal kit with ingredients for two recipes provided by local chefs and restaurants.Order your free meal kit today!Taking inspiration from food box services, City of Portland Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) is celebrating Welcoming Week this year through one of the best ways there is --food! And Wayside is proud to be supporting this wonderful celebration by sharing meal kits with community members through our partners. Each free meal kit includes recipes with all the necessary ingredients to make Lentil Stew alongside Niyat Catering and the award-winning rice and beans from Quiero Cafe Maine.While we must stay physically apart during this time, we can unite in alternative ways as a community to celebrate the various cultures, people, languages, ethnicities, religions, lived experiences, and more, that make Portland the special city that it is. Together, we can foster a sense of belonging for all. Come as you are, and you will be welcomed!Follow this link for more information on Welcoming Week.