b'TOGETHER WE ARE.Increasing food security and improving healthyeating habits of economically vulnerable community membersEmpowering community members through opportunities to play leadership roles andto share and learn skillsStrengthening our community memberssocial connectionsReducing the amount of edible food that is wasted Improving the quality of food accessible via the local emergency food networkStay updated on the impact of your investment and learn more about ways to be involved.Wayside Food ProgramsP.O. Box 1278 Portland, ME 04104 Email: mzwolinski@waysidemaine.org Location: 135 Walton Street, Portland, ME Website: www.waysidemaine.org Phone: (207) 775-4939 Social Media: @waysidefoodprogramsBoard of Directors 2019Officers MembersJohn S. Leeming, President Mark Ayers Tessa Petersen Karen SchillingDonald Quaid, Vice President Jennifer Frederick Michael Quint Paul SaucierRobert J. Ayotte, TreasurerRay GauvinRyan Ranger David Hamilton, SecretaryLaurie Mitchell John Romano'