b'What originally brought me to Wayside was the food recovery workwhat I didnt realize was the immense amount of community building that takes place through the work that we do. The networks, friendships, connections, and genuine community strengthening that occurs through our various programs are so impressive, not to mention valuable! Through food rescue, fighting food insecurity, and community building, Wayside is truly a model for treasured nonprofit work.- Lydia Coburn, Community Meals AssistantThe Wayside Staff, Seated L-R: Don Morrison, Operations Manager; Mary Zwolinski, Executive Director; Jenni Casas,Kitchen Manager. Standing L-R: Sajad Alagaili, Warehouse Assistant; Julie Harrison, Community Meals Manager;Lydia Coburn, Community Meals Assistant; Laura Hamilton, Development Assistant & Metrics Coordinator; Nick Desouza,Warehouse Manager; Judy Anaman, Administrative Assistant; Rachel Freedman, Special Project & Communications Manager.www.waysidemaine.org'