b'WELCOME TO OUR 2019 IMPACT REPORT!Ten years-ago this spring, Wayside began our Community Meals program.Out of a concern for people left behind by the financial crisis a few years earlier, and the with objective of reaching such people across the diverse neighborhoods of Portland, we started out small with only a few partners.We knew a few things about feeding people from running a centralized soup kitchen for two decades, but the expansion of our work was guided by an even greater goalfostering positive relationships through sharing meals.Our commitment to Fighting Hunger and Strengthening Community has helped us describe our model to potential partners, volunteers and supporters. Today, we co-host 13 weekly meals throughout Portland, Westbrook and South Portland, each one confirming our initial belief that people want to share meals with others.Our guests make new friends, celebrate important milestones, and build communities of respect, mutuality and hospitality. Waysides partners and volunteers create that sense of community, and we continue to grow by expanding opportunities for engagement for those who attend our Community Meals.A recent survey of our Meals guests concluded that 74% learned about the Community Meals through family, friends or word of moutha personal outreach lets us know that we are doing something right.The Community Meals Program was instrumental in the Wayside team initiating other programs that focus on sharing meals, including Pop-Up Picnics, Catering Collective, and our annual Thanksgiving celebration.We are forever grateful for our partners, especially those first few, who believed in our model and had confidence in Waysides abilities because we know that we are stronger when we work (and eat!) together.Please join us in celebrating all that weve accomplished together.- John S. Leeming, Board of Directors President & Mary Zwolinski, Executive Director'